Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators

We create and tour innovative, music-led experiences that open the heart, uplift the spirit, and celebrate the connection of humans to nature and each other

valuing nature
Valuing Nature

From the stars above to our waterways to our diverse ecosystems, our ensemble creates in dialogue with nature.

Intercultural Exchange
Intercultural Exchange

We believe music is an expression of self, culture, ancestry, and tradition. Our works are fuelled by collaboration, experimentation, and intercultural exchange.

Artist-led Making
Artist-led Making

We understand that making new works involves risk-taking, ensemble-building, creative reflection, and space to listen in to the work and each other.


We take the time to tune in to the unsaid, to the not yet known. We hold space for artists to bring their inner truth to our collaborations.


We value kindness and compassion in our creative and business relationships.


We respect cultural knowledge & protocols and value the gift of learning from others.

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Orchestra Reinvented

Samira El Koussa

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Maori Sonic Weaver

Michael Askill

Master Percussionist

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From audience, participants & partners

‘Song to the Ocean’ was so evocative and a gift of deep reverence to the ocean – thank you. It’s so important our community has opportunities like this to connect more deeply to the ocean and grow in appreciation and the desire to protect it.

Bianca Clifton, audience member

One of the most hauntingly beautiful and most talked about pieces from the festival. The collaborative effort of the team from Australia and Sarawak (Malaysia) is a winner.

Joe Sidek, festival director

It felt stupendous performing in ‘Song to the Ocean’. Wearing the light sculpture…hearing Whaia perform… being able to share music in such a beautiful atmosphere. I am a changed violinist.

Molly Fields, participant