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Laniakea II – Askill & Bonshek

Bathe in the sounds of an ever expanding universe Join gong master Dr Michael Askill as he navigates a multilayered soundscape that evokes the movement of stars in our expanding universe. Laniakea (lah•nee•ah•keh•ah) is  the Hawaiian word for immeasurable heavens,…

Song to the Earth III Gong Experience

Experience the powerful waves of sound from Michael Askill’s gong orchestra with Greta Kelly’s haunting Persian violin or Shah Kaman. Composer Corrina Bonshek imagines the gongs as like the voice of the earth, releasing powerful waves of sound out to…

Love, Always Love

Love Always Love Hero

Be swept away by the blissful and bittersweet voice of Lebanese singer Samira El Koussa in Love, Always Love, a musical feast of Arabic, tarab, and western classical music with stories of love, and resilience. Samira El Koussa learned to…

Song to the Ocean

Song to the Ocean Hero
Song to the Ocean is a love song to the extraordinary marine live of the QLD coast featuring contemporary classical music, light installation, and community engagement.

Tower Divas

Tower Divas

Surrender to the mesmeric frequencies of three powerful voices as they call out across space and time. The soul-stirring performance seamlessly blends the awe-inspiring talents of Yolngu songstress Gambirra Illume, Maori sonic weaver Whaia, and Korean-born vocalist Sunny Kim. Directed…

Song to the Earth

Song to the Earth Promo

Presented by Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators and DeepBlue Orchestra Stroll through a forest of musicians in this immersive, live orchestra event performed by DeepBlue and master percussionist Dr Michael Askill. Illuminated by awe-inspiring light installations and featuring an original score by…