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Song to the Ocean Feat. Bunna Lawrie & Oktoecho

Whaia holding her whale tooth flute

In partnership with Canadian ensemble and Oktoecho and multi-award winning Whaledreaming songman Bunna Lawrie, we are making a new version of Song to the Ocean for touring in Canada in 2025 and Australia in 2026. This work will showcase three…

Quilpie! An Opera

Quilpie an opera

Laugh out loud in this comedic opera packed with the tallest tales about this enterprising town with big dreams and community at its heart.  Find out how the town Quilpie became an object of global desire with its “free” plots…

Singing Waters

Singing Waters

“Breathtaking”, “out of this world”, “an incredible experience” – Audience feedback Be revived and replenished by stories and songs about water in this new work led by awe-inspiring performer WHAIA Sonic Weaver. “Water is my greatest teacher” says Whaia. “From…