Our First Nations Protocols Working Document

We acknowledge the Yugambeh-speaking peoples, custodians of the land, waters, and culture, where we bring our creative dreams alive. 

We are informed by the protocol principles for respecting Indigenous Cultural & Intellectual Property (ICIP) by ©True Tracks ICIP Principles, Dr Terri Janke and Company

We listen. We look. We walk gently. We engage. We have patience. We Share. We hold respectful relationships for all peoples, and our future collaborators.

Establish connections

  • Ask permission to join Elders on Country through connecting with community members, and other relevant groups to share cultural exchange and we allow appropriate timing for this.
  • We work with integrity and respect, always sharing the development of project ideas as we go.
  • On arrival on Country, we aim to be welcomed. Also gifting elders appropriately by showing appreciation and gratitude for their time. Cultural teachings are not always paid in a monetary sense. This can be through skill sharing, song gifting, and other form of gifts.
  • Respect that certain information may only be given to us in the moment and is not to be passed on. 

Appropriately acknowledge First Nations input

  • Acknowledge the role that Country has played in the dreaming/imaging of the work as part of the credits. Acknowledge Elders we have shared with either as thank you or as a Cultural Consultant as appropriate.
  • Request prior permission for any of our sharing to be documented and undertake further consultation of approval as it is produced, shared and/or archived before release. Offer written release / permission process.
  • Recognise that Sorry Business may come up and if/when it does, we make time for it, consult with families, alter schedules and cancel activities accordingly.
  • Consult with direct family members on the use of old resources if any of the Indigenous people depicted are deceased. Acknowledging time frames of silence periods.
  • Respect Customary Laws change from place to place
  • Acknowledge custodians role in the development of a work in each and every sharing
  • Listing correct language group affiliations after Indigenous artists’ names. 

Value fair and ethical work practices

  • Pay equitable fees with transparency – Open efficient and fair dispute resolutions
  • Respect intellectual property of original peoples 


Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators would like to acknowledge the contribution of Australia Council for the Arts Protocols for using First Nations Cultural and Intellectual Property in the Arts ©True Tracks ICIP Principles, Dr Terri Janke and Company.