Song to the Ocean

Song to the Ocean Performers

About Song to the Ocean

Song to the Ocean is a love song to the ocean, sung by instruments and heard alongside recorded nature sounds, especially whales calls.

How many performers will there be?

24 Violinists – there are 8 Violin parts

3 Viola players

6 Cellists – there are 3 cello parts

2 Percussionists

7 Gong players

Professional musicians/teachers DeepBlue, Dr Michael Askill and WHAIA will be leading the performance.

String players

String players can listen to a mock-up of Song to the Ocean – Strings with CLICK track below. Note this music starts from when the strings enter with harmonic waves & whale motives. It does not include the conch and Maori Karanga from WHAIA or the welcome to country. To download to your computer, look for the three dots next to the volume icon. Click on that to see the download button.

Download an updated listening guide with click track so you can practice along (it gives minute/second marking by rehearsal letter).

Gong players

We don’t have audio mock up of this new work. However, you watch an earlier version – Song to the Earth III below. Note Song to the Ocean has much of the same music except the opening chant is shorter.

Download Your Part – Strings & Gongs

Click on the link below, it will open in a new tab. Then select Save As to download the file. Then choose a folder to save your part (by default it will go into the downloads folder).

Violin 1

Violin 2

Violin 3

Violin 4 updated

Violin 5

Violin 6

Violin 7 updated

Violin 8 updated


Cello 1

Cello 2 (simplified page 5)

Cello 3