Whaia holding her whale tooth flute

Song to the Ocean Feat. Bunna Lawrie & Oktoecho

In partnership with Canadian ensemble and Oktoecho and multi-award winning Whaledreaming songman Bunna Lawrie, we are making a new version of Song to the Ocean for touring in Canada in 2025 and Australia in 2026.

This work will showcase three different first nations vocal practices from three countries: Inuit throat singers Lydia Etok & Nina Segalowitz, Māori vocal practices shared by Whaia Sonic Weaver, and Mirning elder and whaledreaming song man Bunna Lawrie.

The work occupies a third space between contemporary classical, First Nations musics, Persian, and middle eastern musical influences.

It includes compositions by celebrated Canadian composer Katia Makdissi-Warren, Australian composer Corrina Bonshek, and acclaimed songwriter Bunna Lawrie.

The performance takes place within a gathering circle of light sculptures and the audience will walk amongst the gong orchestra as with our highly successful Song to the Earth and Song to the Ocean touring productions.

The following music gives a taste of this work in development.

Song to the Ocean at HOTA, Home of the Arts with DeepBlue
Oktoecho’s Saimaniq

Feedback from past Song to the Ocean audiences and participants.

Amazing spiritual and healing experience pls pls pls do more

Amazing, peaceful, majestic.

Thank you for the carefully crafted performance.

So beautiful and deep seated. Very moved to be in such an amazing piece on a special Wulgurukaba place

Loved it. It had me in goosebumps!  And the interactive experience was amazing!

A magical sonic and visual experience. 

I enjoyed the collaboration across different art forms presented in this work. 

Incredible experience Wonderful It was mesmerizing. 

Was so beautiful had profound amounts of peace and calm move through myself so so so good for mental health

The performance felt welcoming in the way that it was presented. Beautiful, moving experience.  

this is a beautiful, calming experience. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the sound, surround yourself in the middle of tranquillity.

A wonderful experience that was nourishing to my soul

Beautiful experience, loved the different instruments and the opportunity to be so close.

I am telling everyone I know and I won’t miss any part of this event, it is genuinely magical, high calibre, rare and inclusive work. Thank you so much.

Development timeline

2024 | Online Creative Development supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Creative Australia. Music will be available for listening in November.

2025 | Touring in Canada in July / August with confirmed presenting partner in Montreal.

Download a presenter pack and contact us to find out more.

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