Song to the Earth Promo

Song to the Earth

Presented by Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators and DeepBlue Orchestra

Stroll through a forest of musicians in this immersive, live orchestra event performed by DeepBlue and master percussionist Dr Michael Askill.

Illuminated by awe-inspiring light installations and featuring an original score by contemporary classical composer Corrina Bonshek, Song to the Earth is an intimate music performance inspired by patterns and cycles from nature.

Experience the music up-close, from right next to the players. Take an adventure in sound that speaks to our ecological challenges today.

Optional: Community engagement with young musicians aged 13-20 years with mentoring by DeepBlue and Michael Askill. Local partners are required for recruitment.


Artistic direction & composition Dr Corrina Bonshek

Performed by DeepBlue, Dr Michael Askill, and local musicians

Community engagement & music mentoring: DeepBlue, Dr Michael Askill

Large-scale installation by Mimi Dennett

Lighting design by Wes Bluff

Wearable & small scale light installations by Tiffany Beckwith-Skinner

Sound design by Anna Whitaker and Corrina Bonshek

Live sound & bow lighting by Rhys Tyack

Movement and formations Evan Setiawan, Wayne Jennings & Greta Kelly

Movement consultant Meredith Elton

2022 Producing Team: Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators and DeepBlue Orchestra

Song to the Earth was co-commissioned by City of Gold Coast, Bleach*Festival and the Queensland Government through the Regional Arts Development Fund and the Office of the Commonwealth Games and other funding sources.

Song to the Earth had its first stage creative development as part of Inherit the Wind, a collaborative and community-engaged performance project directed and produced by Meredith Elton, with circular light installation concept by Kristian Baggerson.

Presentation History

2022 | Rockhampton River Festival, October 7 & 8.

2022 | Boom! International Festival of Percussion (Song to the Earth III only). Sydney Town Hall. October 1.

2022 | Kingston Butter Factory, Logan, September 9.

2022 | Redland Performing Arts Centre, May 21 & 22.

2018 | Bleach* Festival and Festival 2018 of Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) arts and culture program, April 7 & 8, Gold Coast, AU.

2018 | Flowstate Festival, May 16-19, Brisbane AU.

2017 | Bleach* Festival (Pilot as part of Inherit the Wind), AU

For Presenters

Song to the Earth is available for presentation in Australia and internationally. Please get in touch for more information and to start a conversation.

Greta Kelly, Producer, Email or call 0422 588 693

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