Singing Waters

Singing Waters

“Water is my greatest teacher”

Listen to the sound of water and stories emerge. This show is a powerful meditation of the element of water, from the first waters of the womb into the world of light, to turbulent waters, thunders, cyclones, storms, to the stillness of water on the sea, and the glassy light flickering waters of Hinekarohirohi representing the pathways we take in life.

Be transported and revived in this sensitive and powerful one-woman show with awe-inspiring performer WHAIA Sonic Weaver.

Whaia is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist who works with Taonga Puoro/First Nations instruments creating her own unique cradle of embedded healing phonics. She activates an ancient primordial voice that calls beyond the veil of this earthly world, and uses technology to activate water itself so that it speaks to us.

Singing Waters premiered at Northern Australian Festival of Arts in residence with Jasmine Blackman and Big Eye Theatre’s Mala Jina Jalbu Dancers, with creative cultural guidance from Aunty Rosalind Sailor.

It is in development in 2024/5 as a solo work.


WHAIA (Aotearoa / NZ) – Artistic director / performer 

Corrina Bonshek – Composer  / collaborator

Local welcoming elder / collaborator.

Produced by Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators

This project is supported by Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government Initiative.

Presentation History

2023 | July 2 The Strand, Northern Australian Festival of Arts, Townsville.

Information for Presenters

Singing Waters is available for presentation in 2024 in Australia and Internationally. Please get in touch with producer Corrina Bonshek for more information and to start a conversation.

Email 0435 247 874

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