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Love, Always Love

Be swept away by the blissful and bittersweet voice of Lebanese singer Samira El Koussa in Love, Always Love, a musical feast of Arabic, tarab, and western classical music with stories of love, and resilience.

Samira El Koussa learned to sing at her mother’s knee and she hasn’t stopped. 

She sings in the face of adversity, for joy, to welcome others, as a devotional practice. 

Her big heart makes for an even bigger show!

Hear stories and songs of courage, love, and family connection from Samira’s 20 years as a songwriter in new arrangements for western and Arabic instruments by acclaimed musician Greta Kelly and award-winning composer Corrina Bonshek.

Be transported to another world, and return renewed after this musical trip to Lebanon and beyond. 


Director: Rosie Dennis

Collaborating director: Aleea Monsour

Lead performer & songwriter: Samira El Koussa

Music director, arranger & collaborator: Corrina Bonshek

Performer, arranger & collaborator: Greta Kelly

Recording musicians: Joe Nabbout percussion, Masoud Kamgarpour santur, Kelly Dowall ney and clarinet, Emma Hales cello, Elias Kokkoris double bass, Saman Obed keyboard.

Translation: Rana Al Mekarry

Beats & music production: Peet Gardner of So Soap Studios

Producer: Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators

Love, Always Love was created with support by Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, Placemakers* Gold Coast, HOTA – Home of the Arts, Multicultural Families Organisation, BEMAC. It premiered at Bleach* Festival, August 2022.

Presentation History

2023 | Homelands Tour Featuring Love Always Love: BEMAC 20 June, HOTA – Home of the Arts 21 June, Newcastle Museum 22 June, King Tide Brewery Coffs Harbour 24 June.

2022 | Bleach* Festival, Ed Hardy Park, North Burleigh Hub. 18 & 19 September.

For Presenters

Love, Always Love is available to tour in 2023. Please get in touch for more information and to start a conversation.

Greta Kelly, Producer, Email or call 0422 588 693

Song List

Ahalmna Am Tenzef – احلامنا عم تنزف    Music by Samira El Koussa, lyrics by Rana Al-Mekarry

Aataba wa Mijana – عتابا وميجنا  فلكلور لبناني  – Lebanese Folklore 

Rast Interlude Improvisation – Greta Kelly

Dayman Maa Ana – دايماً معانا – Music and lyrics by Samira El Koussa. Arranged by Greta Kelly & Corrina Bonshek

Santur Interlude Improvisation – Masoud Kamgarpour and Corrina Bonshek

Maa El Salama – مع السلامة  – Music and lyrics traditional, English lyrics by Samira El Koussa and Greta Kelly. Arranged by Greta Kelly & Corrina Bonshek

War Interlude – Elias Kokkoris, Greta Kelly and Corrina Bonshek

Bwakt El Khawf – بوقت الخوف – Music and lyrics by Samira El Koussa. Arranged by Corrina Bonshek.

Mafi D Mou’a – مافي دموع بقلبي يسوع – Music by Samira El Koussa, lyrics by Samira El Koussa and Amani Nehme. Arranged by Corrina Bonshek.

Bicycle Song – غنية البسكلات – Music by Corrina Bonshek and Samira El Koussa.  Lyrics by Corrina Bonshek and Greta Kelly after a story by Samira El Koussa

Photo by Spil Photography
Photo by Spill Photography
Love Always Love
Photo by Spill Photography

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