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Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators create music experiences that are deeply transformative and reverberate in mind and body for a long time after.

Donate and champion a unique new voice in contemporary classical music that champions our connection to nature, innovates with tradition, and is informed by collaborative dialogue and meaningful connections.

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Silence inside me

The Silences Inside Me
Vocalist Jenny Duck-Chong’s connection/disconnection to her Chinese roots is the creative impetus for a new art song that explores how interaction with grandparents, family heirlooms, and stories influence our connection to ancestry. This new work will be premiered by leading contemporary vocal ensemble Halycon in Sydney in 2023. We offer exclusive streaming or inperson prec-oncert experience for donors in addition to regular updates in our private Facebook group.

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Still shimmering will be a glittering new work for a 10-piece mixed ensemble of Western and Chinese instruments for Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, one of Taiwan’s leading ensembles. This is Corrina’s second work for Little Giant and it will premiere in October 2023 at the National Concert Hall, Taipei. It explores transformational states of water inspired by ideas from science and spirituality in four connected moments: 1) Frozen yet liquid, 2) Crystalline gel, 3) A nucleus floats in watery cytoplasm, 4) Energised through love. Donors get an exclusive recording of this work, can watch a rehearsal via streaming, and gain insights into composing process via posting in a private Facebook group.

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Quilpie an opera
Quilpie is a tiny town with values of fun and community. This new opera will celebrate these values with larger-than-life stories and colourful characters. Help us write the first scene of this opera in 2023 and present it to you. Pictured opera libreittist Tasnim Hossain and boulder opal miner Judith Enderli.

Quilpie an opera
Pictured left to right: Tasnim Hossain (librettist and cocreator) with Quilpie resident Judith Enderli (boulder opal miner).
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